How much does a pig weigh ?

The body length of pigs varies from 0.9 to 1.8 m, weight Рfrom 50 to 350 kg. Their body, in comparison with the boar, seems to be longer, and the legs are shorter. For this reason, pigs can not run so fast as wild boars, and are not able to jump even a low obstacle. The muzzle of the pigs was shortened a little, and the ears, on the contrary, became large and often hang over their eyes.

But the main difference is the loss of the coat. In modern breeds of pigs it is reduced, therefore their skin is either covered with a rare bristle, or completely naked. As an exception, in two breeds of pigs – Lincolnshire and Mangalis – a normal coat is developed, but it is the result of secondary crossing of domestic animals with wild boars.

Color pigs can be monophonic white, black, red (brown) or spotty. By the way, pigs in domestic animals do not wear a striped baby outfit, like pigs of a wild boar, but are born with coloration, characteristic for adults of this breed.

Externally pigs are very different from wild boar. The only anatomical sign that they have not lost is the fangs. True, in the household for safety reasons, these teeth are removed as early as in childhood.