How much does a rabbit weigh ?

There are a lot of rabbit species. Miniature decorative rabbits weighing one and a half kilograms, very lovely little animals. The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing the breed and not buy a giant bunny that will grow to 7 kilograms and will frighten other pets with their sizes.

The biggest are German rabbits giants. Their weight can reach up to ten kilograms.

On how much the adult rabbit weighs, especially the meat breed, the continuation of its kind depends. It is the parents who are looked first in order to put the marks to the offspring when combining. Will the rabbits be selected for breeding or they will be raised for slaughter.

In rabbits representing meat breeds, in order to identify the best individuals, first of all, determine how much the rabbit weighs. The giant, who received the best evaluation during the combing, will later participate in breeding and improve the weight qualities of the breed.