How much does a raccoon weigh ?

The average for raccoons is considered to be the weight of 3-12 (kg). Raccoons from warm corners of the world weigh up to 2-4 (kg). Northern raccoons gain weight under 5-7 (kg). In the coldest regions it is quite possible to meet a raccoon and under 9-12 (kg) weight.

Interesting fact, the title of the most well-fed raccoon belongs to the dirty from the US named Bandit. In the Guinness Book of Records, there is a mass of 34 (kg). Agree, a large enough raccoon, the size and weight of the Bandit were pathological.

The pet suffered from metabolic disturbances, he was incredibly greedy, from which he died. Read the article about the record holder.

The length of the trunk of the average raccoon can range from 45 to 60 (cm). The length of the tail is from 20 to 25 (cm). It should be separately noted that the size of the raccoon is significantly affected by fur. Northern raccoons have wool with a long fiber.