How often do snakes eat ?

During moult, snakes can completely refuse food, the snake may well do without it for several weeks. In general, young individuals are fed once in 3-4 days, adults – every 7-10 days. Young snakes will actively eat after the first molt. It is noticed that when the habitat or host changes the snakes can arrange long-term hunger strikes.

Interestingly, over time, domestic snakes even send signals to the owners, hinting that they are hungry. Reptiles behave restlessly, make clicking sounds, glance towards the feeder.

It is advisable to feed the reptiles singly, as they can easily fight with each other. The feed is lowered into the terrarium using tweezers or tweezers, it should not be done by hands, because, having smelled the smell of food, reptiles can behave aggressively.

If several snakes live in one space, a fight will begin for food, as a result strong individuals will be fed, and the weak will remain without dinner. The choice is not great: either to set off animals for feeding, or to give food first to the most aggressive snakes, and then to the rest. Feeding dead animals does not greatly agitate hunting instincts, so snakes behave more calmly and do not rush at each other.