How tall are kangaroos ?

Depending on the species, family members have a length of 25 cm (plus 45 cm – tail) to 1.6 m (tail – 1 m), and weigh from 18 to 100 kg. The largest individual is considered to be a resident of the Australian continent – the redhead is large, and the eastern gray kangaroo is the heaviest. The marsupial fur is soft, dense, can be gray, black, red and their colors.

Kangaroo animal is interesting because its upper part is poorly developed. The head is small, the muzzle can be either long or short. Shoulders – narrow, front legs short, weak, devoid of hair, have five fingers, but are armed with very sharp claws. The fingers are very mobile and the animal uses them for grasping, nourishing, combing the wool.

But the lower part of the body is developed: hind legs, long thick tail, thighs – very strong, four fingers on the leg, the second and third connect the membrane, on the fourth there is a strong claw. This structure gives the opportunity to successfully defend with powerful impacts with hind paws, and quickly move (with the tail replacing the marsupial steering wheel).

To move back these animals are incapable – this is not allowed by too large a tail and a form of hind legs.