How to attract butterflies ?

The easiest way to attract butterflies to the garden is to plant many flowers in it, the most popular among the species in your region. Butterflies drink nectar. In his search, they fly from one flower to another. The more flowers in the garden, the more butterflies.

There are some types of butterflies that do not eat anything in the adult state. Their task is to find a favorable place for the development of future caterpillars and lay eggs. These species can also be easily attracted to the garden, creating favorable conditions for feeding caterpillars hatching from the eggs laid by these butterflies.

In most species of butterflies, the female ready for laying eggs is looking for a suitable plant for this, the leaves of which will later be fed by caterpillars. Different types of plants are suitable for caterpillars of different kinds of butterflies.

For example, caterpillars of a monarch butterfly feed only on leaves of a plant called a cotton wool, and butterfly cabbage leaves – cabbage leaves.