How to bathe a hamster ?

You may have seen how rodents swim in the water in the wild without much effort. It seems that they are good at swimming. Does this mean that they are comfortable in the water element? No. The instinct of self-preservation gives the field residents the ability to swim only when necessary.

As in the wild, and at home, your hamster swims only because it is a way for him to save his life. He is uncomfortable in the water, and swimming movements allow you to get out of it as quickly as possible. Therefore, in fact, nothing touching in their movements there. At this moment your pet is full of fear and tries to survive.

A small hamster’s body can not cope with a cold, which it can get sick after water procedures. Therefore, washing in the water of hamsters is possible only in extreme cases. For example, if the animal itself could not clear its coat of dirt or did not help bathing in the sand.

Alternatives to bathing in these cases can be wiping with a wet fleece. So wash the animal is easy and even right. If you still decided to completely wet your woolen lump of life, then carefully watch that water does not get into your ears and eyes. Otherwise, you will treat the pet, not for colds, but for other, more serious diseases of the ears and eyes.