How to catch a lizard ?

First you need to find a lizard. It is best to ask people you know in which places they have met lizards most often, since their habitats are very extensive. However, this fact allows you to meet lizards in the most unexpected places.

When the lizard is found – do not rush. Usually lizards do not run away at once, but first they freeze. Look around the area near her, it’s best to try to drive the lizard out to an open area where there’s no way to hide. To do this, lead to the lizard arm above the ground from the disadvantageous side – this will cause the lizard to run in the direction you need. Usually the lizard rejects a little and then freezes again. If she ran away more than a meter – see if there are shelters on her way.

When the lizard in the open place you need to go to her behind. It is best to throw a larger object on top. Make sure that it is snug against the ground, do not leave any slots. It is necessary to throw the lizard out from above and slightly forward in the direction of the muzzle (but that he covers it, and not in front of it). Then gently push your hand, trying to make the cracks as small as possible and grab the lizard. Do NOT grab the lizard by the tail !! !! Most can throw it away! If there was nothing suitable at hand, then grab the lizard with your hand. Carefully approach the distance so that you can not only reach the lizard, but there was a range of arm stroke of 15 – 20 cm. It is best to lean forward (the lizard looks at your feet and not upwards).

The movement should be rapid. The hand should be led from behind the lizard at about 20 – 30 degrees to the ground, reducing this angle with the arm stretching (calculate that the angle becomes 0 degrees when the arm is fully extended and 3 – 5 cm above the ground). You need to grab not the lizard itself, but rather the space in front of it. Be ready that when your hand is about 10 cm from the lizard – it will run.