How to catch a squirrel ?

The catching of squirrels for settlement should be made from the middle of August to the end of September, when the youngest of the last litter is sufficiently strong and begins to lead an independent life. When catching it is necessary to take only adult squirrels and young litters of the first litter, and release the animals of late broods, as they do not tolerate captive, transport and are more prone to diseases.

In light, rarefied burs, trapping of squirrels is usually done by a loop made of soft copper wire with a cross section of 1 mm. The diameter of the loop is 7-8 cm; at a distance of 9-10 cm from the eyelet of the loop a knot-limiter is fastened, which, when tightened, protects the squirrel from suffocation. The lead of the loop is wound on a thicker wire with a cross section of 3-4 mm, a length of 30-35 cm, which in turn is wound with a free end at the end of a thin and light pole 4-5 in length.

To catch the squirrels, brigade teams are organized in 5-7 people. Each brigade must have a horse with a cart for transportation of food, camp equipment and boxes with small animals and dog for finding squirrel.

In the forest, the brigade is divided into groups of two hunters, and one person remains by the cart with the horse. Groups schedule their routes so that in. end of the working day to get together with a common cart with a horse.