How to clean a hamster ?

It is not allowed to bathe a hamster, and if it accidentally gets dirty, it is enough to wipe it with dry gauze or with a paper handkerchief. There are sometimes cases when it is necessary to wash the hamster, but this should be an exceptional hopeless case.

You can not wet your head, wash it under a weak stream of warm water, the procedure lasts as quickly as possible, so that the hamster does not become overcooled and not afraid, immediately dry it with a warm hair dryer. During such washing, the hamster can suffer not only from cold, but also from severe stress, so you can give it some soft homeopathic soothing.

The long-haired hamster should be combed with a comb with frequent teeth or a small brush (as for cats). Female and short-haired massage or toothbrush. To clean the hamster’s fur, you can sometimes put a sandbox-swimsuit with sand, bought in the store or ordinary, sifted and burned in a frying pan or oven.

Hamsters pretty quickly conquered the hearts of many pet lovers, like an element from the cartoon right in your hands. Easily tamed, unpretentious, beautiful and interesting. But often the owners of these funny creatures torment one and the same question.

Most furry animals called “hamster” are required from time to time to bathe. What to do with this lump of wool. Is it necessary to expose it to such a procedure, and if yes, then how to do it correctly. Let’s talk about how to properly wash a hamster.