How to get rid of lizards ?

It is possible to fight lizards with the help of domestic animals – cats. They very much like to catch, and then to eat these quick inhabitants of a garden. To increase efficiency, you can invite a couple of neighbor cats to the site. The main thing is to make sure that pets do not spoil the garden planting.

Very often lizards live in that part of the garden where the main source of their food is located – beetles, spiders, larvae. Lack of food will encourage lizards to find a place more potent. Accordingly, chemicals can be used to combat beetles, larvae, caterpillars and other insects. By the way, the very use of drugs can have a disastrous effect on the population of lizards.

To get rid of the invasion of lizards, you can prepare a pepper solution. To do this, dissolve 2 – 3 tablespoons of burning peppery seasoning in water, and then sprinkle them with a place of lizards.

Before you begin to destroy the reptiles, it is worth recalling once again how they benefit the garden. Small nimble lizards are able to fight pests on the site no worse than chemicals.