How to keep lizards away ?

To begin with, you can try to destroy the supplies of their food. In which places in your home or other property did you notice the greatest activity of lizards? Try to contain the growth of the insect population with the help of sprays from insects and other insecticides. These funds should significantly reduce the number of lizards.

Lizards are independent creatures, so even depriving them of food, you may not be able to drive out all the lizards. Unfortunately, one of the only ways to get rid of lizards is to get rid of them naturally. For ordinary domestic cats, lizards are a natural prey (because cats are predators by nature, and lizards are suitable for cats). You can leave the cat in the place where you saw the lizards. These cat-hunters will bring much more benefit to getting rid of lizards than you could imagine.

If you do not really like cats, then for sure you do not want to start a cat just to get rid of the lizards. In addition, then you will have to think about how to get rid of a cat. To get rid of the lizards you can try the traps. The best option would be a trap with glue.

However, you can try to destroy the insects that lizards eat before you start getting rid of the lizards. You can get rid of the lizards that inhabit your territory, but the food reserves will attract other lizards, so first get rid of insects and beetles, and then from the lizards themselves.