How to take care of a chinchilla ?

Chinchillas are good pets. It’s worth simply touching them to understand, because their fur is considered the softest. Chinchillas are sociable and interact with people. Each chinchilla has its own personality!

For the chinchilla, a cell of at least 24 cm wide and 18 cm high is recommended. If you have a place, buy her a large cage. Chinchillas are active creatures, they must constantly run around. A small wheel placed in a cage will also be accepted with gratitude.

The cage must be made of wire. Wooden cages can be dangerous because chinchillas chew wood and can die from swallowing pieces of wood. Plastic cells are also dangerous, they are treated with harmful solutions and chinchillas can be injured by sharp edges of plastic.

Chinchillas do not sweat, so their cells should be in a cool room. The temperature in the room should not be more than 30 degrees Celsius, and the air should circulate freely. Overheating for chinchilla can be fatal. If the chinchilla is flabby and the veins in her ears swollen, move the cage to a cool place. You can also make her a small fan to help cool. Chinchillas have fur warmer than other animals.