How to take care of a hamster ?

In the hamster cage there should be filler (granules, corn), white paper napkins without smell and drawing for the nest, a large wheel, a suspended drinking bowl and a bowl for dry food. Everything else at will (house, toilet, box with dust-free sand for chinchillas).

The cage should not stand in the kitchen, not in the corridor, not on the balcony, away from windows and doors, no closer than 2 meters from the batteries. The principle is simple: a hamster as a tender and easily ill substance should be lodged in the best place of the apartment.

The cage should stand in a quiet place. Hamsters are very sensitive and nervous animals, any sharp sound for them stress, and stresses greatly shortens their life. In the afternoon hamsters sleep, and you can not wake them!

The cage should be in a ventilated place, but not in a draft. Next to the cage, you need to put a room thermometer and monitor the temperature. The normal temperature for a hamster is in the range of +22 … 28 ° С. Above and below – the danger of hypothermia and overheating.

It is not necessary to wash the cage often, so as not to disturb the hamster. Once a month and a half it is washed with baby soap completely, with the replacement of the filler. And the corner where the hamster meets the need, cleaned after 1-3 days, wiping with a damp cloth and adding a handful of filler.

Reserves in the house or nest should be checked every three days and discarded spoiled food. If you replace the socket and throw out the stocks completely – be sure to put fresh ones instead, do not offend the hamster!