How to take care of a hedgehog ?

So, hedgehogs at home. What will he need in the first place? Of course, a refuge. It is not recommended to let a new tenant freely study an apartment. The hedgehog can get confused in the wires, get in there, where he can not get out himself, injure himself or spoil valuable things.

Therefore, the hedgehog is best placed in a cage, preferably metal or wooden with a sliding pallet. The variant with the aquarium can be only temporary, because the microclimate behind the solid glass is harmful for hedgehogs.

In the cage you can lay straw or sawdust, there should also be plastic bowls with food and pneumatic drinkers. They eat hedgehogs not at all with mushrooms and apples, but with meat and insects. Hedgehogs are carnivores. Therefore, the main part of their diet should be raw sliced ​​meat.

In nature, hedgehogs also eagerly eat snails, caterpillars, all kinds of beetles and earthworms, so after a walk through the forest you can quite indulge your pet with his natural food. A good replacement for it can be, for example, bloodworm.

Someone is ready to feed their pets and mice, although there is no great need for this, since at home the hedgehogs get everything they need from insects, meat, boiled liver, fresh fish. When a domestic hedgehog is planted, its owner can simultaneously acquire useful contacts and adjust the process of supplying crickets and cockroaches for his pet.