Howler monkeys – information

The diet of howler monkeys is quite diverse: starting with flowers and ending with large snakes. They also prefer mammals, birds and insects. In wet seasons, howler monkey will not give up fruit. On the day the animal can eat several leaves, shoots of plants and fruits. Their stomach is arranged in such a way as to correctly and quickly process cellulose. Thanks to this, the animal can eat for weeks only foliage and flowers, while the body will not lack micronutrients.

As you know, the howler monkeys  are active in the daytime. Most of their time they spend on trees. On vacation, a monkey spends up to 75% of its time. All the rest of the time the howler monkey is dedicated to feeding. In dry seasons, animals make transitions and migrations. This is mainly due to a decrease in food sources. The tail helps them move and move through the trees, they also grab food. They live in groups or families, do not build nests, preferring to live directly on branches of the upper tier. Go down to earth Рdo not like, swim Рafraid.

When the female’s vaginal lips turn red, the males know: it’s time to multiply. In the middle of this period, mating takes place. The female attracts her man with a rhythmic mating dance. The female reproduces into the light one cub, which weighs 400-500 g. The calf has a gray-golden fur color, which soon darkens. Up to 6 months the child does not part with his mother and only by the year makes his first independent steps.