Interesting facts about Africa

Africa is a continent that many scientists consider to be the place where the first people appeared. At present, this region is not rich, and the standard of living in African countries leaves much to be desired, but it is here that the primitive way of living one-on-one with nature still remains in places. Africa has not been explored to the end, and who knows when we will know everything about this majestic continent?

The borders of African states were not conducted along mountains and rivers, as usual, but directly on the map, using a ruler. Actually, this is now clearly visible on any political map of the world.

The Sahara is the largest of the hot deserts. It is from the hot – there are also not hot deserts, the largest of which is the Antarctic.

Ethiopia is the only African country that has never been under the rule of European colonizers.

The hippos once lived all over Africa, but these days they are found only to the south of the Sahara. The reason for this is extermination.

One of the main natural attractions of Africa is Victoria Falls, the only waterfall in the world, having a height of over a hundred meters and a width of more than a kilometer.

The lowest life expectancy in Africa is in Africa. This is due, most likely, to a low standard of living in African countries, rather than with a hot climate.

The most common language in Africa is Arabic, although there are more than two thousand different languages ​​in African countries.

The island of Madagascar is usually referred to Africa, although it is still an island.

More than half of the world’s gold production is in Africa.

The most densely populated African city is Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

In the African country of Togo, it is worthwhile to be cautious, making compliments to local women – according to Togolese custom, a man in this case must marry a woman who was complimented.

Some African tribes living in primitive life do not even know which countries they live in. Moreover, not all of them know how to obtain fire, not to mention literacy and other attributes of civilization.

In Africa (more precisely, in South Africa), the world’s first successful heart transplantation operation was performed.

Dunes in the Sahara can exceed the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In the hot noon, the temperature of sand in African deserts can reach eighty degrees.