Interesting facts about airplanes

The aircraft is the most technologically advanced means of transport, allowing you to travel long distances in a minimum time. Imagine your life without them is almost impossible, unless, of course, you do not suffer from aerophobia – yet some people are afraid to go up in the air, preferring other modes of transport to airplanes. However, from year to year the aircraft are becoming more reliable and comfortable.

According to statistics, the plane is the safest in the world mode of transport. Chance to die, having gone to flight, you have much less than if you go by train or car.

The highest altitude ever reached by an airplane is 37650 meters. The record was established in 1977 by a Soviet pilot. Of course, a military fighter was used, not a civilian aircraft.

Toilets in passenger airplanes appeared only five years after the beginning of the passenger air service.

The world’s first commercial passenger flight took place in the distant 1914.

Aerophobia, or the fear of flying on airplanes, affects about three percent of people.

The Boeing 767 aircraft consists of more than three million parts.

The three busiest airports in the world that serve most of the aircraft are in the USA.

The record of simultaneous transportation of passengers – 1091 people. It was installed as a Boeing 747 in 1991 with the evacuation of refugees from Ethiopia.

The world’s largest airport is named after King Khalid. It is located in Saudi Arabia.

The most mass-produced aircraft in the world is the AN-2, known to many as one of the “corncobs”.

The world’s largest airplane is Mriya. It exists in a single copy and belongs to Ukraine. Once, a reactor for a nuclear power plant was transported to Georgia. “Mriya” is capable of lifting up to six hundred tons of cargo.

In the US there are about fourteen and a half thousand airports. In Russia, for comparison – about two and a half thousand.

According to statistics, about one percent of baggage is lost during flights, but in almost all cases the loss is detected and returned to the owner within a day, a maximum of two.

The fastest aircraft in the world is the X-43A drones, which develops speeds of over 11,000 kilometers per hour, which is almost ten times the speed of sound. Because he, in fact, and drone – a man of such loads simply will not survive.

The most capacious passenger airplane in the world is Airbus A380. This double deck deck is capable of taking on board almost five and a half hundred passengers.