Interesting facts about Americans

Americans are an amazing people. Its main feature is that it was formed relatively recently, just a few hundred years ago, and the basis for it was from many other countries. The US is a multicultural nation that imposes certain impressions on the culture and mentality of the inhabitants of this country.

All Americans are proud of their origin. If you ask where they come from, they will necessarily say in which city and state they were born, even if they were taken away from there immediately after birth.

Americans share the notions of personal sphere and worker. A person at work can easily “lay” a colleague to his superiors that he is late, and at the same time the “informer” will not feel any scruples – he sincerely believes that he is doing the right thing.

Flowers in the US are cheap, but men do not often give them to women, because they fear that it will characterize them as losers.

Americans never get acquainted on the street.

Chips sincerely are regarded by Americans as a full-fledged side dish to the second dish.

Americans really hold onto their country. They to the whole world trumpet about the successes of their compatriots and are proud of them.

The national sport of many Americans is to file lawsuits against large companies on some stupid occasions. For example, complain that the ice in Coca-Cola was too cold, which led to a cold, and demand a compensation of a couple of million dollars.

The absence of a girl or wife from an American negatively affects his social status. Especially it concerns the youth.

Most Americans do not want to learn foreign languages, sincerely wondering why it is necessary at all, since the whole world speaks English in that way.

Americans are self-centered. The achievements of non-Americans and the stars of cinema and television in other countries are simply not interesting to them.

Almost all young Americans aspire to leave the parent’s nest as soon as possible and begin an independent life. They do not accept living with their parents.

Despite the fact that most Americans believe in UFOs and others, they are absolutely not superstitious.

American women are very attentive to their hair. A woman who is late for work can go out on the street dressing casually, but her hair will still be laid as beautifully as possible.

The use of state aid for Americans is considered shameful.

Most Americans are very fond of reading. However, many of them still persist in making mistakes in writing. However, here it is not considered an occasion for laughter.