Interesting facts about aquariums

Aquarium is an indispensable attribute of a lover of a variety of fish. However, not all aquariums are like a small pot-bellied capacity, in which a lone goldfish floats sadly – there are indeed monstrous structures that can accommodate a huge amount of water. Such aquariums are usually installed in public places, for example, zoos and aquariums, although you can buy one yourself – you would have enough money for the purchase itself and for its subsequent maintenance.

The most expensive in the world aquarium “Gold Dragon”, worth about 5 million dollars, is made of gold by designer Stuart Hughes.

At the Radisson SAS hotel in Berlin, the capital of Germany, there is the largest aquarium, made in the form of a cylinder. A huge structure is located in the lobby of the hotel, its height is 25 meters. In 900 000 liters of sea water there are 56 species of fish, the school of which makes 2600 copies. The outside diameter of this aquarium is 11 meters, and the inner diameter is slightly less than 3 meters. The most interesting thing is that inside this aquarium cylinder there is an elevator with a cabin in two floors.

The largest cylindrical aquarium with salt water is the famous AquaHome.

Among aquarium fish, the largest is Astronotus ocellatus. With its length of 35 cm, it is considered to be the largest fish that is kept and bred in artificial conditions. However, in aquariums these fish reach no more than 30 cm in length.

The world’s largest container for keeping the inhabitants of the sea is located in the amusement park Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom in the Chinese city of Zhuhai. According to the Guinness Book of Records, its volume is 22.7 million liters (22.7 thousand m³).

The first aquariums were created in England in the middle of the XIX century. And the very word “aquarium” (“aquarium”) was invented by the English naturalist Philip Henry Goss.