Interesting facts about aspen

Aspen is a tree widely spread in Russia. However, the area of ​​growth of these trees is very wide, and Russia alone is by no means limited. The role of this tree in industry is quite large. In the summer, however, the aspen crowns can give a good shadow due to the abundance of leaves growing on their branches.

There is an ancient belief that aspen is an excellent weapon against a variety of undead, for example, against vampires and werewolves.

Aspen grows extremely fast, but due to susceptibility to various diseases these trees rarely reach old age.

Aspen bark is a known remedy for tanning the skin.

Aspen is not without reason considered to be a “noisy tree” – its leaves start to tremble and rustle from the slightest blow of the wind.

Christian religion considers aspen to be a “cursed tree”.

With the aspen is associated a huge number of old proverbs and sayings.

The nearest relatives of aspen are poplars and willows.

Aspen leaves are extremely nutritious. They are often accompanied by elks and deer (see interesting facts about deer).

The roots of aspen can sprawl under the earth at a distance of 40-50 meters from the tree.

Aspen is pollinated not by insects, but by wind.

Matches in Russia are made from aspen.