Interesting facts about Austria

Austria is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Located in Central Europe, Austria is the realm of clean air, houses with tiled roofs, ski resorts, punctual people and genuine friendliness.

The oldest city in the territory of modern Austria, the People, would have been founded in ancient times – in the 15th year BC.

Austria has no access to the sea.

Most of Austria is mountains. Only the Eastern Alps occupy 62 percent of the entire territory of this country.

In Austria, a lot of waterfalls, and one of them, Kriml – the highest in Europe.

The name “Austria” in German means “Eastern country”.

Most Austrians believe that their country is not on the way with the European Union.

The most common names in Austria are Julia and Lucas.

The Austrian village of Hochgurl is the highest populated place in Europe. It is located at an altitude of 2150 meters above sea level.

The Austrians are very proud of the fact that Mozart was their compatriot.

In Austria, is the oldest zoo in the world.

Austria is also home to greeting cards.

There are no children’s homes in Austria. No, not because the Austrians are cruel, on the contrary – there are simply no homeless children here.

Austrian citizens get the right to vote at the age of 18, as in other European countries, but at 19.

In Austria, less than in any other European country, people suffering from excessive weight.

In some Austrian cities there are “sobering devices”. After paying for the services of the device with a coin, a jet of sprayed ammonia in the air strikes the customer’s face.

In Austria there are no homeless animals.

Despite the fact that the number of cars in Austria is roughly equal to the number of people, this type of transport is extremely popular in this country, like a bicycle. Just like in the Netherlands.

Every day in Austria about 3 million copies of newspapers are printed. Yes, despite the pervasive penetration of the Internet, the Austrians still like to read newspapers.