Interesting facts about ballet

Ballet is a subtle art, and therefore not the most popular in the world. More precisely, the ballet is not very popular among the broad masses, which does not prevent it from being in demand among connoisseurs, who, incidentally, are also lacking. The art of ballet was born a long time ago, but since then it has not changed, since the ballet is extremely conservative.

Ballet shoes do not last long. The average ballerina for a year changes about three hundred patches of ballet shoes.

The dancers really should be very slender or even slender. The average weight of a ballerina does not exceed 50 kg.

To produce one ballet tutu it takes about 15 meters of tulle, and it takes several days to work.

Among the people of the ballet, there are professional superstitions. So, many ballerinas try to enter the dressing room exclusively from the left foot.

For one performance a man dancing in a ballet raises about a ton of weight in total.

Ballet originated in the 15th century in Italy, and the very word ballet dates back to the Italian “ballo”, which means “dance”.

The biggest insult to the ballet is a broom, thrown on the stage instead of a bouquet of flowers.

Since 2001, the ballet has been banned in Turkmenistan.

The ballet tutu was invented only in 1839.

The most famous ballet in the world is Swan Lake.

The first ballet in Russia people saw in 1673.