Interesting facts about Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small but very densely populated country located in the south of Asia. Much of its similarity with neighboring India – the culture, traditions, customs and peoples themselves, inhabiting Bangladesh. Currently, this state, along with China, is one of the main suppliers of cheap labor – a huge number of various things sold around the world, done in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, the New Year is celebrated on April 14, not January 1.

The local beach of Cox-Bazaar, 120 kilometers long, is the longest in the world.

The most popular sport in Bangladesh is cricket. Affects the British heritage.

Bangladesh – the most densely populated country in the world, until now has never won a single Olympic medal, although its team since 1984 has not missed a single Summer Olympics.

Not far from the capital of the state, Dhaka, the local millionaire Asanullah Moni built an exact copy of the Taj Mahal in full size, decorating its structure with this structure.

The main difference between the seasons in Bangladesh is the amount of rain, the air temperature from season to season practically does not change.

Somapuri Vihara Monastery, built in the VIII century, is one of the largest archaeological sites in South Asia. The complex is spread over an area of ​​more than 11 hectares.

On the territory of the country there are many archaeological monuments that date to 2000 BC.

In one of the largest cities in Bangladesh, Barisale, you can witness a unique natural phenomenon – for some unknown reason there is a noise resembling an artillery cannonade. The phenomenon was called “gun Barisal.”

Once the leadership of Barisal, at whose disposal there was no construction equipment, attracted to the destruction of dilapidated structures of a circus elephant. The animal perfectly coped with the task, leaving behind only a pile of debris.

In April 1986, an incredibly large hail took place in Bangladesh: the weight of hailstones reached a kilogram, and the diameter of pieces of ice was 20 centimeters. 92 people became victims of violence of the elements.

All the bricks produced in Bangladesh are provided with the initials of their manufacturer.

The national flower of Bangladesh is the water lily, and the national animal is the royal Bengal tiger.

The author of the national anthem of Bangladesh is the famous Indian poet and writer Robindranath Tagore.

Men in Bangladesh shake hands only by their close acquaintances, since touching a stranger is considered a bad form. Children and women are not shaken hands under any circumstances.

During the meal, residents of Bangladesh often cross their legs and squeeze them under themselves, as demonstrating the feet during a meal is considered indecent.

According to local legislation, only her husband is entitled to give a woman a watch, jewelry or clothes.

Bangladeshis are very fond of receiving guests, and so they can call to their house even an occasional interlocutor from the street. On a visit it is necessary to try all offered dishes, refusal will be regarded as disrespect, even if the visitor and is really full.

After the division of British India in Bangladesh, a unique enclave of the third order – Dahala Kagrabari – was formed. The territory of India was surrounded by the lands of Bangladesh, which, in turn, were surrounded by the possessions of India, and those – again located in the borders of Bangladesh. This terrible confusion was resolved only in 2015, when the governments of the two countries signed an agreement on the exchange of territories.

Some scientists believe that with rising sea levels per meter, half of Bangladesh will be flooded. A similar situation is observed with the country Tuvalu.