Interesting facts about Barbados

Barbados is an island in the Caribbean Sea, entirely occupied by the same-named state. He played a crucial role in the era of discoveries, when more and more seekers of their place in the sun rushed to the New World.

The name Barbados owes to the Portuguese word “barbados”, meaning “bearded.” Discovering the island, the sailor thought that the parasitic plants that see the local trees are very reminiscent of bushy beards.

The stress in the word “Barbados” is put on the second syllable.

The area of ​​Barbados is about 430 square kilometers. In this territory there live slightly less than three hundred thousand people.

The first human settlements in Barbados date back to about the middle of the 4th century AD.

From the beginning of the 17th century until independence in the mid-20th century, Barbados was part of the overseas possessions of Great Britain.

In 1993, Barbados established diplomatic relations with Russia.

Nominally the head of the country is the English queen, but de facto on her behalf the country is governed by the governor.

The highest point of Barbados is 336 meters above sea level. Compare, for example, with the Maldives, where the highest point in the entire territory is about 2.4 meters above sea level.

Barbados has one international airport.

The national currency on the island is the Barbados dollar, equal to half the American.

The official language in Barbados is English, more precisely, its local dialect called “beijan”.

A fifth of the total budget of Barbados is spent on education.

In the list of developing countries, Barbados ranks fourth in the world in terms of growth.

The most popular sport in Barbados is cricket.

The army of Barbados took part in both the First and Second World War.

Currently, the land forces of Barbados number about five hundred people.

Barbados is the only island in the Caribbean where there are monkeys that were once imported here from other countries.

Such a fruit, like grapefruit, appeared exactly in Barbados.

In the waters of Barbados, there is a huge amount of flying fish.

The vast majority of shops in Barbados is closed already at 16-18 hours.