Interesting facts about Belarus

The Republic of Belarus bordering on Russia is a state, in many respects similar to it. Nevertheless, despite the seeming similarity, there are enough differences between these countries, in Belarus you can learn a lot of interesting things.

On the whole of our continent, only in Belarus there are bison in the reserves.

Of all European states, only Belarus has not joined the Council of Europe.

Geographically, Belarus is located almost in the heart of Europe.

The USA considers Belarus to be a rogue country.

In Belarus, the death penalty has not been abolished.

In Belarus there are only bills in circulation. There are no coins.

There are more cars with diesel engines in Belarus than with gasoline ones. This is due to the low price of diesel fuel.

The Belarusian ruble is among the ten cheapest currencies in the world.

Belarusian traffic policemen do not take bribes.

The dog in the Belarusian language is masculine.

The entire territory of Belarus is covered by mobile communications towers.

A ten-point rating system operates in Belarusian schools.

In the Belarusian language, almost nobody speaks.

Bicycles are gaining popularity in Minsk.

About one-fifth of the territory of Belarus is contaminated with radiation after the Chernobyl accident.

The share of urban population in Belarus is very high – about 75 percent.

The streets of Belarusian cities are very, very clean, no garbage.

Belarus is one of the five largest exporters of dairy products in the world.

Many Belarusians prefer to count commodity prices in US dollars.

Belarus has no access to the sea.

A significant income in the country’s budget is the export of salt.