Interesting facts about Belgium

Belgium is a country with a rich history. It is famous for rainy weather, excellent beer and the famous statue of the Manneken Pis. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg – in Belgium you can find many, many interesting, much more than it will be written in most tourist booklets. It is necessary to look only.

In the school cafeterias of Belgium until the 1970s, the students were supposed to have beer, which then replaced the soda. Some activists still advocate the return of beer to the menu for schoolchildren, since this drink seems to them more useful than a sweet pop. Note that this is a table beer with a strength of up to 1.5 degrees.

In total, Belgium produces more than 800 varieties of beer. Since 1999, the country has an academy that studies the properties and characteristics of this foamy beverage.

The expression “crimson ringing” originated from the Belgian city of Mechelen (in the French transcription – Malin), rightfully considered the main center of bell ringing in Europe.

The Belgian Adolph Sachs, who invented the saxophone, originally called his offspring the mouthpiece officer.

In the early 2000s, in Belgium, two trains collided in the forehead, 8 people were killed in the catastrophe, including both drivers. The cause of the tragedy was the language barrier – the dispatchers of the two stations spoke different languages, French and Dutch, and just did not understand each other. Both languages ​​in Belgium have the status of state, and it is enough for employees to recruit only one of them.

Widely distributed around the world, SPA-salons owe their name to the Belgian spa resort, known for its springs with mineral water.

In Brussels there is not only the world-famous fountain “Manneken Pis.” The company is made up of “The Pissing Girl” and “The Pissing Dog”. For the Manneken Pis, more than 600 costumes are made, in which he is dressed in honor of festivals and festivals.

Belgium, despite its modest size, has an extremely high population density – 320 people per square kilometer.

Most of the chocolate in the world is sold at the national airport in Brussels.

“Light” drugs in Belgium are legal.

Belgians are legally required to study until age 18.

Belgium ranks first in the world for processing diamonds.

According to polls, almost all residents of Belgium (92%) do not cook or eat at home – they prefer to eat in numerous cafes and restaurants

The tallest European lives in Belgium – the growth of Alain Delanois is 2 meters 30 centimeters. However, the highest European nation is still Montenegrins.

Contrary to popular belief, not the US, but Belgium is the world leader in the production of comic books.