Interesting facts about California

California is perhaps the most famous state of the United States, along with Texas. These fertile lands are extremely densely populated, and nature generously endowed them with a rich and diverse vegetation. Once the territory of modern California, which is the 31st US state, belonged to Spain, and then to Mexico. It went to the USA following the results of the American-Mexican war that occurred in the middle of the 19th century.

In the 19th century, for nearly thirty years in California, there was the Russian fortress of Fort Ross.

California is the first GDP state amongst others. By the size it takes the third place, right after Alaska and Texas.

Before the passage of these Europeans on the territory of modern California lived about seventy different Indian nationalities.

California is the most multinational state of the United States.

If California becomes an independent state, its economy will take the sixth place in the list of the most developed in the world.

All California coast is recognized as a national monument.

From the end of December 1861 to the end of January 1862 in California, rain was constantly raining, flooding about a quarter of the entire state.

In the Californian city of Livermore there is an incandescent lamp that has been burning for over a hundred years.

In the city of Chico, California, the law prohibits the bombing of nuclear devices within the city. Fine, true, modest – only five hundred dollars.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he was governor of California, gave up his salary of one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars a year.

In California, the tallest tree in the world grows, about a hundred and fifteen meters high.

In California, more people live than in the whole of Canada.

Eight cities of the top ten in terms of unemployment are located in California.

Twelve percent of the total population of the United States resides in California.

In California there are volcanoes.