Interesting facts about cars

Cars are so firmly embedded in our lives that it is already impossible to imagine their existence without them. Looking out the window on the street, almost at any time of the day you can see an endless stream of cars. For many years that have passed since the invention of the first car, the cars have greatly changed, having turned from primitive carriages to engine the most complicated mechanisms.

Cars with a gasoline engine were invented later by electric vehicles.

The first drawings of the car belong to the pen of Leonardo da Vinci.

Before the invention of an internal combustion engine, the cars operated on steam traction.

In the early 20th century in New York, almost all taxis were electric vehicles.

The world’s first racing car was designed in 1900. The power of his engine was 35 horsepower.

Supercar Bugatti Veyron at the peak speed for a minute consumes as much oxygen as a person – a week.

The world’s longest traffic jam, about 200 kilometers in length, happened in 1980 in France.

The fastest car in the world – equipped with a jet engine Thrust SSC. He overcame the sound barrier and developed a speed of over 1,229 km / h. The car was installed two jet engines with a total capacity of 110 thousand horsepower.

The largest car in the world is BelAZ 75710 quarry truck. The height of this model exceeds eight meters, and the weight is eight hundred tons.

The smallest car is recognized as the English Peel P50, which was produced in the 1960s. The height of this single model did not exceed 1.2 meters, width – 1 meter, and length – 1.34 meters.

The fastest production car in the world is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. On tests, this model developed a speed of 434 kilometers per hour.

The most mass-produced car in the world is VW Beatle, it’s also the Volkswagen Beetle. The first incarnation of this car was produced with small changes for almost sixty years. Several tens of millions of copies were issued.

The bodies of the Trabant cars were made of pressed cotton material. There were cases when they were injured in the countryside by goats, which they seemed quite edible.

The English company AC Cobra patented the sound of exhaust of its engines.

The Soviet car “Victory” was originally supposed to be called “Homeland”. The name was changed after Stalin’s ironic question, which asked “How will we have a homeland?”.