Interesting facts about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tiny state in Central America. It can be called surprisingly prosperous, and not only by the standards of the poor in the whole region, but by universal standards. Costa Rica attracts tourists from all over the world with its extraordinary nature, and rich Americans often retire after retirement to calmly meet old age in this tropical paradise.

The most environmentally friendly national parks in the world are in Costa Rica and occupy 40% of its territory. This is a very small state, with 27% of the entire territory – protected reserves. By the way, in Montenegro there is a similar situation with parks (see interesting facts about Montenegro).

In the center of Costa Rica is the active volcano Poas, which has erupted 39 times in the past almost two hundred years.

The Arenal volcano on Costa Rica after 400 years of rest on July 29, 1968, unichtozhd the city of the same name.

The volcano has been quietly silent for half a century and does not erupt, and evergreen and coniferous plants grow on its summit due to the temperature in this area – on average about 10 degrees Celsius.

In the Pacific Ocean is the island of Cocos. It is the largest uninhabited island in the world, and it was on it that Captain Flint from the “Treasure Island” RL. Stevenson hid his treasures.

On Costa Rica, there is no paramilitary army since 1949, and the country’s security is provided by a civilian guard of about 10,000 people.

The name Costa Rica gave Christopher Columbus, exclaiming “Rich Coast!”, Admiring the natural gifts and the wildlife of the shore. Costa Rica did not remain in debt with the pioneer and named her monetary unit a Colon in honor of Columbus.

The famous Tortuga from “Pirates of the Caribbean” is really an existing island that belongs to Costa Rica. Despite the fact that the film was not shot on this island, he inspired the director of the film, since the name Tortuga in French means “turtle island”.

“Jurassic Park” by Steven Spielberg was shot in Costa Rica. After filming in the famous places is an amusement park with huge rubber dinosaurs.

Costa Ricans enjoy the pleasures of a calm, uninspired life, listen to reggae, see the unidentified and unexplored in the beauty of the local nature. Not without reason the slogan of Costa Rica is the expression “Pura Vida” – “impeccable life”. This attitude towards life helped Costa Rica to take first place in the International Index of Happiness.

The interest for scientists is represented by stone balls, or petrospheres, Costa Rica. They are of regular shape, and the mass of individual specimens reaches 16 tons. Scientists have not yet figured out where they came from and what their purpose is. Similar balls later found on the arctic island of Champ, as well as in Bosnia.

Costa Rican cuisine is quite fresh, culinary specialists do not add spices to dishes. Local people prefer ketchup, Chile sauce and herbs as seasonings.

Getting to Costa Rica, a tourist will face an unusual phenomenon – the lack of addresses in buildings. Determine the location of the well-known buildings nearby or an interesting site.

Costa Rica is amazing in the rules of traffic. Not only is drunk driving permitted in the country, it is entertaining to restrict the appearance of cars with license plates ending in number 5 in the city of San Jose, and only on Wednesdays.

Costa Rica is a country of wealth of flora and fauna. In this tiny territory lives more species of living beings than in any other country on Earth.