Interesting facts about dandelion

A dandelion is a flower that is found everywhere in the middle band. How many of us in the childhood did not tear fluffy white flowers to blow off seeds from them? These perennial flowers are beautiful and when they blossom, and when the petals from them are showered, giving way to seeds. In addition, dandelion is actively used in traditional medicine.

The roots of some dandelion species contain rubber, so these species were once bred for the purpose of producing rubber. Then rubber trees were replaced, but now the development of rubber production from the juice of dandelions is under way.

From the petals of dandelions make jam and wine.

Get rid of dandelions is not easy – this plant has amazing ability to regenerate, and can restore the population, even from a part of the severely damaged root system.

During the Second World War, German soldiers were given out a substitute for fried dandelion roots because of a lack of coffee. The drink, brewed on them, is quite similar to normal coffee.

In traditional Italian cuisine, dandelion is used quite widely, serving as an ingredient in a variety of dishes. Dandelions in Italy are sold even in shops – they are specially grown in order to use them then for food.

Dandelion seeds can fly hundreds of kilometers through the air before nesting in the soil.

In the foothills of the Caucasian mountains, there is an unusual kind of dandelions, with purple-colored petals.

For dandelions, you can check the hours. They open at six in the morning, and close at three o’clock in the afternoon, plus or minus a few minutes.

In the US, Ohio, every first Saturday in May, the Day of Dandelion is celebrated. On this day, people decorate clothes with dandelions and prepare various dishes from these flowers.

In the Belgian town of Oi, beer is brewed from dandelions. Here, these flowers are added even in pate.