Interesting facts about dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are extinct giants who once reigned supreme on Earth. Until now, we do not know why they died out, and hardly ever find out. Until now, archaeologists have from time to time found the ancient fossils of previously unknown dinosaur species, which indicate that far from all we know about the distant past of our own planet.

Dinosaurs walked the earth for a long time – about one hundred and sixty million years.

At present, science knows about a thousand species of dinosaurs.

The largest dinosaur was a herbivorous seismosaurus – a huge creature with a long neck, inhabiting the territory of the modern United States of America.

The heaviest dinosaur was the titanosaurus. Scientists believe that its weight could reach up to eighty tons.

The closest relative of the dinosaurs, now living, is an ordinary crocodile.

The smallest known dinosaur was once compsognat, inhabiting the territory of modern Germany. Judging by the found remains, this small predator weighed about two and a half kilograms.

Not all dinosaurs existed simultaneously. For example, stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus shares more time than tyrannosaur and us with you.

Some people argue that the ichthyosaur remains to this day in the Scottish lake of Loch Ness, despite the fact that all studies of the lake disprove this theory.

Tyrannosaurus is probably one of the most famous dinosaurs. However, it was not the largest and not the most terrible predators in the years of its existence.

The rotation of our planet is gradually slowing down, and in those distant years when dinosaurs wandered around the earth, the day was about 22 hours – two hours shorter than now.

Direct descendants of dinosaurs are birds.

In the US, Colorado, there is the City of Dinosaurs, where the streets are named after, in fact, various dinosaurs.

In ancient times, in China, it was believed that the bones of dinosaurs actually are the bones of dragons, and widely used them in traditional medicine.

The first bone described in the scientific literature was first adopted as the giant femur of a huge man.

A blue whale that can weigh up to 160-170 tons is probably larger than any dinosaurs that ever existed on earth.

The longest dinosaurs were brachiosaurs – judging by the skeletons found, they reached the length of almost fifty meters.

The most armored dinosaur was ankylosaurus. In addition to bone armor, he defended himself against predators with the help of a spiked bone mace, located at the end of his powerful tail.

The brain of most dinosaurs in size was approximately equal to the walnut.

Scientists believe that growing young tyrannosaurs added several kilograms of weight daily.

Tyrannosaurus teeth have a length of up to 15 centimeters.