Interesting facts about domains

In our time it is already impossible to imagine your life without the Internet. But what is the Internet, how many millions of sites? Each site has its own domain, and sometimes among them there are very funny or just interesting. Domain names appear and disappear forever in huge quantities …

There are domains of the second level, consisting of a single letter. For example, the Chinese version of Google is located at

The first ever domain name was officially registered in March 1985, long before the rapid spread of the Internet around the world.

The free domains of the three letters in the .com zone ended back in 1997. Now such a domain can only be purchased with “hands”, and only for a very significant amount.

American Mike Mann bought over 15,000 domains. When asked why he needs it, he said that he is greedy and that he wants to own the whole world.

The most expensive domain ever sold – In 2007, it was sold to new owners for $ 35 million.

Until 1995, domain registration was completely free.

After the introduction of fees for domains, it was $ 100 per domain, but there was a rapid trend towards a decrease in this figure.

The popular .tv domain is the national domain of the country Tuvalu (see interesting facts about Tuvalu). The sale of domains in this zone constitutes a considerable share of the state income.

All sites with the .gov domain belong to the US government structures.

Antarctica has its own top-level domain.

The number of active domains is increased by about 12 percent each year.

The most popular domain in the world is .com. Initially it was intended for use only by commercial organizations, but since then it has actually become universal. Its ideological counterpart is the .biz domain, created because the .com domain zone quickly turned out to be overloaded.

Domain .mil can only be used by the US Army. And for the air forces of this country there is a .airforce domain.

Now popular with many services is the domain. Cc – the domain of the upper level of the Cocos Islands, one of the Australian territories.

The GDR upper level domain – .dd – was registered, but never used.