Interesting facts about Ecuador

Ecuador is a colorful Latin American country. People who are well-off Americans and Europeans like to move to old age for years, buying a villa with a view of the sea to calmly meet old age. Warm climate all year round, lush nature, unspoilt by human factors, delicious food, plenty of sunny days a year – what else is needed for happiness?

Tourism is very important for Ecuador, but not tourism alone, as they say – this country extracts from the bowels of half a million barrels of oil daily.

The name of the country means “equator” in Spanish, which is here the official language.

In Ecuador there is a monument dedicated to the equator, however, only one. Noteworthy is the fact that he is not at the equator.

The highest active volcano in the world is located here.

Ecuador officially declared war on Germany in February 1945. True, this country has not taken any action.

Unlike most other hot countries, Ecuador never has typhoons and hurricanes (see interesting facts about hurricanes). But earthquakes are not uncommon here.

One of the Ecuadorian presidents was removed from power, because he was officially recognized as mentally deficient. This is the only such case in world practice.

Its currency in Ecuador is not – here in the course of US dollars.

To visit Ecuador, a visa is not required at all to anyone.

The most even climate in the world, almost without hesitation in winter and summer, is also here in Ecuador.

Here, most of all in the world of parks and reserves (as a percentage of the total area of ​​the country).

Foreign citizens staying on the territory of Ecuador can participate in elections on a par with citizens of this country.

Once in Ecuador, ten presidents visited power in ten years.

There is not a single railroad on the territory of Ecuador.

Ecuador does not have a single McDonald’s.

Once Ecuador’s soccer team came to the World Championship with its own shaman.

Most often, eyewitnesses report cases of detection of UFOs in Ecuador.

Cases of cannibalism still occasionally occur in remote Ecuadorian provinces.

Ecuador was the first among the countries of the world to officially abolish the death penalty. However, lynch mob still enjoys a certain popularity among the local population.

The capital of the country, the city of Quito, is so high relative to the sea level that the atmospheric pressure here is about three-quarters of the “normal”, familiar to most people.