Interesting facts about Euclid

Euclid is a truly outstanding person. This ancient philosopher and mathematician, who lived in the third weight of BC, made a truly invaluable contribution to the development of exact sciences, and not without reason modern geometry is called Euclidean. The life of Euclid, however, was already quite interesting and saturated. Of course, we do not know much about the long-time years of this great scientist of our time, but we have collected a collection of facts about him.

The exact place and date of birth of Euclid are unknown. According to the information that came down to us, it was possible to establish only that he was born in the third century BC somewhere in Ancient Greece.

The training of Euclid was dealt with by another, no less great and famous man – Plato.

Euclid became famous for his scientific work, called “Beginnings.” Interestingly, works with this name existed before and after it, but it was his book that became famous.

Strict logical conclusions are what the “Principles” are based on. Euclid did everything to logic.

A lot of the writers belonging to the pen of unknown writers are attributed to Euclid, but there is no exact evidence for this.

Euclid contributed to the opening of the museum and the library in the city of Alexandria. In his time they were used not only for their intended purpose, but also as scientific centers.

The geometric principles stated in the “Elements” have not lost their relevance to this day.