Interesting facts about Everest

Mount Everest is the highest point in the whole world, it is known to every schoolboy. Seemingly impregnable top has repeatedly bowed to the brave climbers, but not all coped with the climbing. Climb to Mount Everest – a dream, probably, every conqueror of the mountain peaks, but this task is only able to the strongest and hardiest people, able to survive in these most difficult conditions.

Mount Everest, also known as Chomolungma, is located on the border of Tibet and Nepal. Since Tibet is a Chinese territory, moreover, almost closed to visits, most tourists and climbers heading to Everest begin their journey in Nepal.

In Nepal, Everest is called Sagarmatha.

On the slopes of Mount Everest glaciers slowly flow from all directions, but they end at an altitude of about five kilometers.

In winter, the temperature at the top can drop to minus sixty degrees. Even in the summer, in July-August, it does not rise above zero.

The wind at the summit of Everest blows at a speed of up to two hundred meters per second, which already pulls on a good hurricane.

At an altitude of 6.7-6.8 kilometers above sea level, Everest spiders live on Mount Everest. This is one of the highest living creatures in the world. For a person they are not dangerous.

About 450 million years ago, the summit of Mount Everest was an ocean floor. In the Everest covering soil, fossilized marine organisms are sometimes found.

Everest grows an average of 4 millimeters per year.

Annually mountaineers leave on the slopes of Mount Everest about fifty tons of garbage and other wastes.

In connection with the above paragraph, the Nepalese authorities adopted a rule according to which each climber, when descending, must either collect at least 8 kilograms of garbage, or pay four thousand dollars. Moreover, wise Nepalese take money as a pledge even before the beginning of the ascent, and they give it only in the case of meeting the norm for collecting garbage.

Everest is the highest point of the Earth, but not the highest mountain. The underwater volcano Mauna Kea, located in Hawaii, is higher by a kilometer and a quarter.

The climb to the summit of Everest takes from an experienced climber about two months, including the time for acclimatization. In the process of climbing climbers lose weight on average by 15 kilograms due to fat burning and loss of moisture from the body.

The permission to climb Mount Everest costs ten thousand dollars, and the cost of the entire expedition, organized by special companies, can reach one hundred thousand dollars.

Everest was first conquered relatively recently – in 1953.

Air pressure at the summit of Mount Everest is about one-third of normal, which can cause death.

Nepali climber Appa Tenzing climbed to the summit of Everest twenty-one times, which is an unconditional world record.

The bodies of dead alpinists are usually not evacuated from Everest due to the complexity of this process – such a height is not able to climb any helicopter. Moreover, some of them are used by other climbers as elevations.