Interesting facts about Finland

Finland is a cold but very prosperous northern country, inhabited by not very sociable, but very punctual and hard-working people. At one time, the Finns had to fight a lot for their land, so it’s not surprising that they are so concerned about it and are not eager to let crowds of foreign immigrants on it. However, this does not prevent many tourists who have visited this country of a winter fairy tale, to seriously think about moving to Finland for good.

During the Second World War, Finland fought on the side of Germany.

Independence from Soviet Russia Finland found in 1917, not wishing to be included in the Soviet Union after the revolution, shaking the Russian state.

Finland is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, as well as the list of countries with the best living conditions, on a par with Norway.

Funny fact – cold, in general, Finland is the world’s first place for coffee consumption per capita.

People in Finland are only three times more than saunas. According to this parameter, the Finns occupy the first place in the world.

Almost 180 thousand lakes are located on the territory of Finland.

Tap water in Finland is the cleanest in the world, almost everywhere you can drink it safely.

In the Finnish forests, a lot of mushrooms grow – white, chanterelles and others, but Finns never collect them, confining themselves to champignons bought in stores.

On consumption of alcohol per capita, Finland ranks third in the world, behind the first two in France and Italy.

Tipping in Finnish institutions is not allowed.

The status of the state in Finland has two languages ​​- Finnish and Swedish. However, the overwhelming majority of Finns also speak good English.

Penalties for violation of traffic rules in Finland depend on the salary of the offender. The higher the salary – the greater the penalty for the same violation. Here was paid the biggest penalty in the world – 170 thousand euros for speeding up at 40 km / h.

On the streets of small towns in the north of Finland, you can sometimes find deer.

Riding a bicycle in Finland is necessary in a helmet, otherwise the police can fine you.

Finnish Santa Claus is called “Joulupukki”, which in Finnish means “Christmas goat”.

There are no fixed-line phones in Finland.

In the sky above the capital of Finland, the city of Helsinki, sometimes one can observe the northern lights.

The whole monopoly on gambling in Finland belongs to one and only company, and non-profit. All the proceeds of this company go to charity.

Finns are very fond of a variety of competitions. There are championships in such peculiar disciplines as wearing their wives for a distance, throwing mobile phones and much more.

There is a unique golf club in the world, in the fields of which players play in two countries at once, because half of the club’s fields are located in Finland, and half of them are in the territory of Sweden.

Alcohol in Finland is insanely expensive. However, in Sweden it is even more expensive, so Swedes often swim for it on a ferry to Finland.

The Finnish passport along with Swedish and English provides the widest opportunities for visa-free travel around the world.

In 2010, Finland recognized the right of access to the Internet as an inalienable right of every person.

The territory of Finland is increasing every year by about seven square kilometers due to the melting of the glacier. More precisely, the glacier slowly melts and ceases to “press” on the main plate, as a result of which it gradually rises.

Among all EU countries, the lowest population density is observed in Finland – only sixteen people per square kilometer.

Annual vacation for Finns is at least 39 days.

Skates for ice skating were invented in the territory of modern Finland, and it happened about five thousand years ago. Then for such primitive skates instead of blades used sharpened bones of animals.

Every year more people visit Finland than live in this country.

Finnish doctors do not have the right to hide the diagnosis from patients. However, the patient may refuse to recognize the diagnosis.

Three quarters of the territory of Finland covers dense forests.