Interesting facts about forests and trees

It is thanks to the forests on our planet that there is a life-friendly atmosphere that contains enough oxygen for breathing, and it is the trees that process carbon dioxide. Without forests, the Earth would be a lifeless sphere with an unfit for the atmosphere or without it at all.

Trees grow their entire long life.

The forest is really an easy planet. If there were no forest, the usual life on Earth would not exist.

On average, 15-20 grams of wood is spent on the production of one sheet of A4 paper.

One of the hardest trees in the world is the Schmidt birch, which grows in Russia. This tree can not be cut with the help of an ax.

About a quarter of all forests on the planet are taiga.

The most expensive tree in the world – magakhoni.

The tallest tree in the world rises to one hundred and fifteen meters. It grows in the USA.

In the Kaliningrad region there is a “Drunken Forest” – occupying about a square kilometer area, where the trunks of pine trees for unknown reasons are very bizarrely bent.

More than 70 percent of the territory of Finland is covered with forests. It is the most country-rich country in all of Europe.

And the poorest is Great Britain, where the forest occupies only about six percent of the surface.

In Lithuania, a tree called “Old Man” grows, which is about two thousand years old.

Crown oak for a year grows by about one meter.

Almost two thirds of Siberia is covered with forests.

In the whole world, forests occupy almost a third of the total land area.

Every year, the Earth loses nearly one hundred million trees.

The trees in the world are about sixty times larger than people.

In the forest, the human heart rate decreases by fifteen or twenty beats per minute, and the breathing becomes smoother and calmer.

Nine tenths of all the nutrients the trees receive from the atmosphere, and only one-tenth – from the soil.

Trees really reduce the greenhouse effect.

The most common deciduous tree in the world is the birch.

About half of all coniferous trees in the world grows in Russia.

The highest trees in the world are sequoias.

About eighty kilograms of recycled waste paper can save a single tree from cutting down.

Of the million trees, about four million tons of paper are produced.

The US holds the world’s first place in annual paper consumption.

The total area of ​​forest-covered territories in Russia is about 8.5 million square kilometers.

On average, one tree produces about a hundred cubic meters of oxygen per year.