Interesting facts about Guatemala

Guatemala is a small and not very prosperous state located in Central America, next to Honduras and Belize. There is an incredible beauty of nature and good ecology, but the unstable political situation and the not low level of crime hazard frighten tourists from this country. However, it is quite possible that in the coming years the situation will improve somewhat, and Guatemala will slowly but surely prosper.

There are two main versions of the translation of the word “Guatemala” – “good land” or “many trees”. There are a lot of trees here, by the way.

Guatemalan currency ketzal received its name in honor of the bird, revered Maya and the Aztecs. In the distant past, locals used the feathers of this bird as money. Quetzal also flaunts on the flag of Guatemala.

The national tree of Guatemala is a seiba that grows in local forests and reaches a height of 50 meters. Local residents everywhere arrange holidays in honor of these wood giants. A national flower is an orchid “white nun”.

The capital of Guatemala City is divided into squares and consists of 25 zones. Streets in this city are mostly assigned numbers, but do not give names. It is the largest city in Central America.

The old capital of the state, Antigua Guatemala is a city-museum with a huge number of restored sights.

The national anthem of Guatemala is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

In the territory of Guatemala there are 33 volcanoes, 4 of which are active.

In Guatemala, the world’s largest number of varieties of coniferous trees used for logging grows.

This republic has been supplying coffee for the Starbucks coffee chain for many years.

Soluble coffee – the invention of Guatemalans, doctors of medicine Federico Leyngofa and Eduardo Cabarrus. Make coffee available to all they managed in 1910.

The fourth university, opened on American continents, was the San Carlos University in the capital of Guatemala. This university is still the largest in Central America.

One of the main attractions of Guatemala is Tikal National Park with many pyramids and other Mayan buildings. A half hour drive from the capital there are the ruins of another ancient city of this tribe – Mishko Viejo. In the south-east of the country there is also the Archaeological Park and the ruins of the city of Quirigua, where you can see the bizarre statues of the mythical Maya monsters.

Water in the Guatemalan Lake Atitlan is becoming warmer at dawn for reasons unknown to science. This pond is located between three volcanoes, and therefore it seems that the lake just hovers in the air.

Guatemalan Lake Isabal nourishes its waters with a unique waterfall – the water in it is hot.

To play the national musical instrument of Guatemala, Marimbe, it takes from 6 to 12 people. This is one of the least studied tools that exist in our day.

Peten State Reserve is the second largest rainforest on Earth.

Guatemalan women are not used to rest – their employment at work is a record in the world.

The volcano of Tajumulco, located in the territory of Guatemala, is the highest point of Central America.

In May 2010, in the capital of Guatemala, a three-story building went underground – after the hurricane, a karst fault with a diameter of 30 meters and a depth of 20 meters appeared right in the middle of the city.