Interesting facts about Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city-state, sparkling with neon advertising lights and sparkling windows of countless skyscrapers. The ancient commercial port, Hong Kong and now plays the same role. This place, where perhaps you can find everything in the world, and at the same time try the dishes of all the peoples of the world.

Until 1997, Hong Kong was under the jurisdiction of Britain, since 1997 – under the jurisdiction of China.

In Hong Kong there are no VAT taxes.

Three quarters of the entire territory of Hong Kong is covered with forest.

In Hong Kong, two languages ​​are official – Chinese and English.

With its high prices, Hong Kong is similar to Singapore.

Most of the buses and trams in Hong Kong are two-story.

Real estate in Hong Kong is one of the most expensive in the world.

Along with the aforementioned Singapore, Hong Kong is one of the cleanest cities in the world.

In Hong Kong, on the island of Lantau, is the world’s largest statue of a sitting Buddha, made of bronze.

The population of Hong Kong is more than seven million people.

In Hong Kong, buildings for less than thirty floors have already been built for a long time – they save the land.

Hong Kong – a city of skyscrapers, buildings with a height of more than one hundred and fifty meters here are more than a hundred pieces, that is, more than, for example, in New York.

The national currency of Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar. Banknotes are made of plastic.

Hong Kong is practically a mono-national city, about 95 percent of the population here are ethnic Chinese.

On the roads of Hong Kong, left-hand traffic.

Since 1979, Hong Kong has a subway.

In translation from Chinese, “Hong Kong” means “a fragrant harbor”.

Built in 1998, Hong Kong International Airport is recognized as one of the best in the world.

In Hong Kong, it is customary after the death of a person to burn all his personal belongings.

Run fireworks in Hong Kong is prohibited, for violation – a big fine.

Hong Kong has no natural resources.

On the territory of Hong Kong there are about six hundred Buddhist temples.

The authorities of Hong Kong are trying to green every little piece of space, there are small squares even on the roofs of buildings.

The number of fourteen in Hong Kong is considered unhappy.