Interesting facts about ice cream

Ice cream is a wonderful treat, especially coveted on a hot summer day. Once it was an exquisite deficit, available only to kings – it was not so easy to cook it, and it’s completely impossible to keep refrigerators not yet invented in those years. Fortunately, the development of technology has made ice cream an affordable treat for all of us.

In Mexico, where all the food is eaten spicy, ice cream is also sprinkled with hot pepper. So if you are brought to this country, do not forget to buy ice cream, ask him not to make it sharp, otherwise you will remember this delicacy for life.

The history of ice cream is older than it seems – the first mention of it is found even in the Chinese chronicles of five thousand years ago.

In Russia, too, made ice cream. The main ingredient for it was the usual frozen milk, in which sugar, sour cream and cottage cheese were added.

The most, perhaps, the famous fruit ice cream in the world is sherbet. His recipe was brought to Europe from China by the famous traveler, the Venetian merchant Marco Polo, more than seven hundred years ago.

The word “Eskimo” originally meant a children’s leather suit, a traditional Eskimo for the people.

The most common ice cream in the world is vanilla. On his heels come chocolate and strawberry.

The French Emperor Napoleon was very fond of ice cream.

The first place in the world for the production of ice cream is occupied by the United States.

The world’s largest snowman from ice cream, built in Moscow, was in the Guinness Book of Records. In height it reached two meters, and weighed as much as three hundred kilograms.

Most of the ice cream can be tasted at the Coromoto Café, in the Latin American country of Venezuela. In his menu there are more than seven hundred kinds of this delicacy.

The most expensive ice cream in the world is served in one of the restaurants in New York. It is sprinkled with shavings of real gold, however, quite edible.