Interesting facts about Iraq

Iraq is a Middle Eastern country, known throughout the rest of the world for its troubled political environment. Iraq is located on the lands on which great deeds were once made. And to this day in the territory of modern Iraq there are countless monuments of history and architecture. However, due to objective reasons, not so many tourists risk to go to this country to admire them personally.

Some people still confuse Iraq and Iran.

Iraqis always eat only with their right hands, the left – never, since it is considered unsuitable for this responsible business for religious reasons.

Arab conquerors brought Islam to the lands of modern Iraq about a thousand and a half thousand years ago.

At one time, Iraq was a single state with Jordan.

Iraq has never participated in the Winter Olympics.

Some archaeologists argue that such a widespread superstition almost everywhere in the world, like the fear of black cats, originates in the traditional beliefs of the peoples inhabiting Iraq.

There are practically no forests in Iran – their last remains are preserved only in the mountains.

Winter in the mountains in Iraq is often snow. By the way, the mountains cover about one-fifth of the entire territory of this country.

In large Iraqi rivers, sharks are encountered, quite high upstream in search of food.

The most popular sport in Iraq is football.

Sandstorms rage in Iraq on average from twenty to fifty days a year.

Very popular in Iraq food – “kubba”, which is very similar to the usual cheburek.

A typical house in the countryside in Iraq is a hut, built of bricks baked in the sun. These huts are called sariffs.

Reserves occupy only one thousandth of a percent of the territory of Iraq.

Crocodiles live in Iraq.

Young men in Iraq can join from 15 years, and girls – from 9.