Interesting facts about Ireland

The Republic of Ireland, located on the same island, is often confused with Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom (United Kingdom). Of course, the similarities between these countries are traced, but there are enough differences. Ireland – an original region with severe weather conditions and its own traditions, in many ways different from English ones.

In Ireland, there is “its own Halloween” – here it is called “Samain”.

The White House in the US is built by Irish architect James Hoban.

Mobile phones in Ireland are larger than people (see interesting facts about mobile phones).

The most popular food in Ireland is potatoes in one form or another.

Prices in Ireland are generally higher than in neighboring Britain.

The vast majority of Irishmen are extremely loyal to the United States.

The official languages ​​in Ireland are two – Irish and English. However, speaking in English, the Irish usually pronounce the words not as they should, but according to the principle “as it is written, so do we pronounce it.”

Ireland occupies the second place after the Czech Republic in the world in terms of alcohol consumption per capita.

The famous “Titanic” was designed in Ireland.

The world’s first physicist was Irishman John Tyndall.

In Ireland, there are really so many pubs, as they say. The oldest of them was discovered about 900 years ago.

Outside Ireland, more Irish live than in their historic homeland.

On the streets of Irish cities there are practically no pedestrian “zebras”.

Almost all shops in Ireland are closed on Sundays.

In Ireland, Indian cuisine is extremely popular. It is she who makes up the lion’s share of local fast food.

Apartments in Ireland are unpopular. No, many Irish live in rented apartments, but when they have the opportunity to purchase their own homes, they all prefer to buy a private house, not an apartment.

Irish are accustomed to the harsh climate. They can easily walk in shorts and T-shirts, while newcomers will wear sweaters and windbreakers.