Interesting facts about Italy

What do most people know about Italy? Perhaps, that in this country are Rome, the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and that it is the historical homeland of such popular dishes all over the world, like pizza and pasta. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, because Italy is a country literally soaked in breath by ancient history. On this earth, for many millennia great things have been accomplished, and they all have left their mark.

Contrary to popular belief, modern Italians are not descendants of ancient Romans – to such with the greatest likelihood can be considered the inhabitants of Romania.

The influence of the Mafia in many regions of Italy is very strong. Any Italian businessman can tell you about this, if, of course, he is not afraid to conduct such conversations.

In the same cafe in Italy, an order made in English can cost you more than what is done in Italian, because in many places for tourists prices are higher than for local ones.

In Italy, there is not a single children’s home. Children here, deprived of their parents, do not remain orphans – they quickly acquire a new family. Another country in which there are also no children’s homes is New Zealand.

For breakfast in Italy, almost nothing is eaten, but before going to bed, they eat up to the heap.

All words in Italian end in a vowel sound.

Life expectancy in Italy is one of the highest in the world.

The Italian bureaucracy will give odds even to the Russian.

In Italy there are about 60 percent of the cultural and historical heritage of the whole world.

In Rome, the capital of Italy, there is another state – the Vatican.

Recommendations and nepotism in Italy are flourishing. To say who you are from, preferably even if you are only going to pay a visit to a hairdresser or a dentist.

Walking at night on the beach, or, even more, swimming in the sea in Italy is prohibited. The fine is about 1,000 euros.

About 80 percent of the entire territory of Italy is occupied by mountains.

In Italian universities there are no general sessions – students take exams when they want.

Each settlement in Italy has its patron from among the Catholic saints.

Superstitious Italians are afraid of blue-eyed people, believing that they can jinx them.

To wake up at seven in the morning from the wild screams of the newspaperman in Italy is perfectly normal, here no one will think about frowning on this matter.

The oldest bank in the world, founded in 1472, is located in Italy.

In Italy, a huge number of cats, in Rome alone there are about three hundred thousand. Here, these animals are very fond of.