Interesting facts about Jamaica

Jamaica is a distant island in the Caribbean Sea, and at the same time the same country, this island occupies. Generous nature has endowed him with incredible beauties that attract a lot of tourists who want to lie on the white Jamaican beaches and swim in the warm sea. The fact that the official language of Jamaica is English makes it easier to communicate with the locals, and this also has a positive effect on the popularity of Jamaica as a tourist destination. True, the local dialect of English is very peculiar …

In Jamaica, English is really in use, but “Caribbean English” has become noticeably different from the English language spoken in the UK or the US over the years. In particular, the sound of “J” Jamaicans is pronounced as “J”. Also, the Jamaicans speak also of the local variety of Creole.

The local currency is also called the dollar. The dollar, however, is Jamaican.

Annually through Jamaica there are many hurricanes (see interesting facts about hurricanes), causing significant damage to the infrastructure of the island.

The Jamaica Air Force has several airplanes and helicopters.

In urban areas, only slightly more than half of all Jamaicans live – about 53%.

The most popular sport in Jamaica is, strangely enough, not football, but running, and running for short distances.

The famous athlete Usain Bolt is from here, from Jamaica.

Jamaica is famous for its beaches, of which there are about seventy.

Bob Marley, the real music legend, was also born in Jamaica.

One of the Jamaican resorts, the “Milk River”, is considered the most radioactive resort in the world.

Jamaica was the first country with a tropical climate, whose team took part in the Winter Olympics. Jamaican bobsledder even once achieved good results.

By the number of medals won at the Olympic Games, Jamaica ranks second in the world.

The blue mountains in Jamaica got their name because they really seem blue. This effect is achieved due to the fog, which envelops the mountain peaks.

Of all the countries of the Caribbean region, Jamaica was the first to gain independence.

The majority of Jamaicans are extremely devout people, and the morning prayer here also goes without saying, like breakfast or washing.

The conclusion of marriage in Jamaica is possible only after reaching 34 years of age.

Jamaica is the region where twins are most often born. The cause of this phenomenon is still unknown to anyone.

The first Jamaican website appeared on the Internet in 1994.

Mail in Jamaica has been working since 1688.

The national symbol of Jamaica is an endemic local bird – a pennant hummingbird. She is also called a bird-doctor.

It is the Jamaicans who are recognized as the fastest male runner and female runner. Yes, running here is in honor.

The railroad in Jamaica appeared earlier than in the USA.

Jamaican women often won the title of “Miss World” at beauty contests. Jamaica takes the third place in the world in this parameter.