Interesting facts about Kenya

The Republic of Kenya is one of the African countries attracting a lot of tourists. Here you can admire the untouched wildlife and its inhabitants, in addition, Kenya boasts of good beaches and low prices. Separating from England in 1963, in our time it is one of the fastest growing African countries.

Kenya has the largest international airport in East Africa.

The highest point of Kenya is a mountain with an elevation of 5199 meters.

In Kenya, not four seasons, but two – dry and rainy.

On the territory of Kenya, ostriches live.

The official languages ​​in Kenya are two, English and Swahili, but most Kenyans speak exactly at the latter.

In some parts of Kenya, snow lies all year round.

Kenyan national cuisine is “hung” from European, Indian and African.

In Kenya, homemade sandals with soles from old car tires are popular.

Kenyan suitors after the wedding should dress up for a while in women’s clothing.

To photograph someone in Kenya, without asking for his consent beforehand, is not worth it – this usually causes the Kenyans a sharp dislike.

Language Swahili in its time was born in Kenya.

According to anthropological and archaeological research, Kenya is the birthplace of the birth of human civilization.

In Kenya, they make sharp sweets from the baobab fruit.

Tourists often bring souvenir masks from Kenya. These masks were invented by the Kenyans especially for them, because in the national beliefs and traditions of the Kenyans, the masks are of no importance.

Remains of the ancestors of people found in the territory of modern Kenya, there are about three million years.

The first Christian missionaries appeared in Kenya rather late – in the middle of the 19th century.

The national currency of Kenya is the Kenyan shilling.

In the early 20th century, the British actively immigrated to Kenya.

Independence from Great Britain Kenya found in 1963.

In total in Kenya in the course of about seventy different languages. Basically, these are the languages ​​of various local nationalities.

About a third of Kenyans are unemployed.

Unlike Zimbabwe, where fruits and vegetables are not honorable, in Kenya they form the basis of the cuisine.

There are 59 reserves and parks in Kenya.