Interesting facts about Kiribati

The island state of Kiribati is located immediately in Polynesia and in Micronesia. At present, the small country is successfully developing despite scarce natural resources.

The name of the island state of Kiribati comes from the distorted English “Gilbert Islands”.

All the islands on which Kiribati is located are atolls.

Kiribati covers an area of ​​33 atolls.

The highest point of Kiribati is 81 meters above sea level. It is located on the atoll of Banaba.

On the territory of Kiribati there are two freshwater lakes and about a hundred salt.

Kiribati is a member of the United Nations.

Two of the Kiribati atolls were once used to test nuclear weapons.

The main problems of Kiribati are overpopulation, lack of fresh water and soil erosion.

The total population of Kiribati is a little over one hundred thousand people.

About 90% of the population of Kiribati are representatives of the same people. Its other name is the Tungara.

The official language of the country is English, but few people speak it. The majority of the population speaks Kiribati.

The writing of Kiribati is based on the English alphabet.

Kiribati does not have its own army.

There are two official currencies in the country – the Australian dollar and the Kiribati dollar equivalent to it.

The one-dollar coin of Kiribati has a twelve-cornered shape.

The brands issued by the country are popular with philatelists around the world and are a significant source of replenishment of the state treasury.

Kiribati has the second largest exclusive economic zone in the Pacific – more than three and a half million square kilometers of water.

In Kiribati there are two of its radio stations – governmental and private.

Kiribati is the most visited country on the planet.

Athletes from Kiribati take part in the Olympic Games.

Also, the Republic of Kiribati is unique in that it is located right in all hemispheres of the Earth. Part Kiribati, Phoenix Islands – the world’s largest marine reserve.

At one of Kiribati atolls there is a city called London.

The Christmas Island, one of the atolls of Kiribati, is the largest atoll in the world. He alone occupies 48 percent of the country’s entire land area.

The Republic of Kiribati as a state appeared in 1979, having obtained independence from Great Britain.

There is no river in Kiribati.

The only diplomatic representation of the Republic of Kiribati in the world is on the islands of Fiji. In Russia, for example, the British consulate is in charge of the diplomatic affairs of Kiribati.