Interesting facts about languages

The world is great, and in the world there are many different nations. They all speak different languages, sometimes seeming quite strange for European hearing. In recent years, there has been a tendency to use the English language as an international language, but nevertheless, in the vastness of many countries and to this day in the course of many different dialects and dialects.

Language, least changed in the last century – Icelandic. There is almost no any borrowing in it.

In the territory of Papua New Guinea in the course of about seven hundred languages, which is about fifteen percent of the total number in the world.

In the Czech language there are words consisting of only consonants. To an unprepared person it is extremely difficult to pronounce them.

In the Sedang language, spread throughout Vietnam, there are fifty vowels.

The Khmer alphabet used in Cambodia consists of seventy-six letters.

In many countries, several languages ​​have official status at once. Leading in this issue is India – 17 languages. In second place is South Africa with 11 languages.

In the Abkhaz language there are only two vowels. Consonant but a full sixty.

In Illinois, USA, the official language is “American”, and in English, the law prohibits speaking.

There are no punctuation marks in Chinese. However, there is no such thing as “Chinese language”, strictly speaking, there are a lot of dialects in China, of which there are mainly two.

French was official in Britain for six centuries.

The alphabet of the indigenous inhabitants of the island of Bougainville includes only 11 letters.

Most of all in the world of native speakers of Chinese. The second place is Hindi, the third – Spanish. The fourth and fifth places are occupied by English and Arabic, respectively.

Latin, which is a dead language, is, nevertheless, the official language of the Vatican.

In English, more than six hundred thousand words, and in the traditional Chinese alphabet more than forty thousand hieroglyphs.

English language also takes the first place in terms of the number of synonyms.

On the territory of Africa, there is no country where the entire population knows the official language. In African countries, the status of an official language usually has the languages ​​of the former metropolises – English, French, Arabic, but in fact the majority of the population speaks local tribal dialects.