Interesting facts about Lesotho

Few travelers know about a piece of paradise nature on our planet – a small but surprisingly beautiful country of Lesotho. It is located in South Africa and is surrounded on all sides by South Africa. Sea horizons are not here, but clean air and amazing landscapes compensate for all the shortcomings. For acquaintance with Lesotho, it is worthwhile to dwell on the most interesting features of this country.

There is a local custom, which allows you to take or give something with only two hands, which indicates your good intentions. You can not swear in the street, because you can be considered ignorant, this behavior is considered bad form.

This is the only country in Africa, entirely located in the highlands. The air temperature here can drop to 0 degrees Celsius and below. Due to its location, the country was called “kingdom in heaven”. The only ski resort in Africa is located in Lesotho.

The local airport can rightfully be called extreme entertainment. The runway (400 meters) ends with a steep drop of 600 meters. The idea of ​​the civil engineers was that in the process of free fall the aircraft will gain the required altitude. International companies do not use this route, but it is popular with local private planes. Only the most courageous tourists decide to experience their own courage and luck.

In Lesotho, there are two diamond mines. The largest diamond found here deservedly received its name “Hope Lesotho”.

The country takes an active part in the annual Olympic Games, but since the first competitions in 1972 and to our time has not won a single medal.

The most popular and favorite sport in Lesotho is football.

National clothing in Lesotho – a wool blanket over his shoulders. Everybody wears it, even the ambassadors do not take it off their shoulders at official meetings. Local residents appreciate this charge for practicality, it is good in the heat and cold, repels water and is safe by the fire. The most common colors are the image of the cobs of corn and military aircraft. In warm weather, men do not wear anything except underwear and woolen blankets.

The level of HIV-infected people is very high and reaches 29%, according to experts’ forecasts this indicator will grow actively. This is the third country in the world in terms of infection.

Despite the small number of schools, Lesotho is a very educated country by the standards of Africa. The local population is 85% literate. Good grades in school give an advantage over other students and influence your credibility in the future. Boys from a young age begin to graze sheep, which is often reflected in their studies, so girls are considered more educated.

Automobile transport in Lesotho is almost never used. The most loyal friend on trips are ponies. There are no hard-surfaced roads, and regular buses are a rarity.

The local landscape is dotted with a variety of flowers and small bushes. Green meadows allow breeding of sheep – this is considered the main earnings of the local population. But there are almost no trees in Lesotho.

 In local villages, an average of ten to twelve houses. If the flag is visible above the house, then this is by all means a trading zone. Yellow flag – sell beer, red – meat, and white – bread. To taste, local beer resembles our kvass, and its main ingredient is corn.

A traditional house in Lesotho is a round mud-brick or stone hut with a thatched roof. There are no windows in this structure, and the door can only look to the south, as the sun shines from this side. People just sleep on the floor.