Interesting facts about Liechtenstein

The small principality of Liechtenstein, located in Europe, is a place with a rich history and magnificent nature. Despite its modest size, this state takes an active role in international affairs of Europe.

The Principality of Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world. Its area is only 160 square kilometers.

The official language of Liechtenstein is German.

Liechtenstein maintained neutrality in both World Wars.

The head of state is the prince.

Liechtenstein is the only German-speaking country that does not have borders with Germany.

When it became clear that the flag of Liechtenstein completely coincides with the flag of Haiti, it was decided to add the prince’s crown to the flag of the European state.

The crime rate in Liechtenstein is close to zero. Many here do not lock the door for the night, or when they leave the house.

Police officers in Liechtenstein are less than a hundred people.

There are less than ten prisoners in this country.

Food prisoners are brought from the restaurant, since the prison authorities do not consider it expedient to hire their cook.

Liechtenstein has not participated in military operations since 1866.

After participating in the last military campaign, Liechtenstein’s army was dissolved.

The whole country under certain conditions can be rented for a day.

In Liechtenstein, the highest per capita income in the world.

Most of the territory of the principality is located in the mountains.

In Liechtenstein there is one national television channel.

The only public transport in Liechtenstein is buses.

The most popular private transport is a bicycle.

Diplomatic relations between Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic, torn during the Cold War, were officially restored only in 2009.

About a third of the people living in the country are foreigners, mainly Austrians and Swiss.